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Courthouse Courier Skip Tracing

Posted January 15, 2017 @ 1:16 pm

Nationwide Process Serving Services Newsletter and Advisory.

This newsletter and advisory blog is offered to people seeking information about Nationwide Process Serving Services. We have professional agents who travel to addresses where you need service. We hope you find interesting suggestions and advice concerning finding missing people, locating witnesses and tracking down elusive defendants in this blog. If you a have any questions or would like to speak to an agent, please call us at 888-406-6517.

We also offer insights and information to assist you with the ultimate goal of the initial stages of your legal action; that is, serving the witness and or defendant and or having a demand letter and notification personally delivered to a particular person.

About A.C.E. Nationwide Process Servers; Who we are and How can we assist you?

A. C. E., Inc. is a Nationwide Company that specializes in finding people and serving legal process. We are known for taking on difficult cases where others have failed. Our success rate for resolving difficult matters exceeds 90%. We also offer alternate and similar services such as. but not limited to, onsite property verification, in person occupancy and residential and commercial address status reports, delivery of demand letters, posting eviction notices and handling all types of paper delivery services.

A. C. E., Inc. Management continues to work closely with hundreds of law firms and has the honor of having more than 2500 clients during its twenty years of business supporting legal professionals with most of their outsourcing needs for service of process, skip tracing and delivery of urgent and confidential paperwork. We just passed our 400,000th transaction and are proud to offer you our experience and knowledge.

A. C. E. was created by Process Servers and Private Investigators for Attorneys and Paralegal professionals. However, we work for all types of clients which include: US Government Agencies, Insurance Companies, Banks, Financial Companies, Corporate Executives, Pro Se litigants and many other people seeking the assistance. All systems have been modeled at efficiency and services that are designed and operated to save time, lower fees and complete verticalization of information and reports  all of which are synched togther and can be accessed every day and at any time by entering our secure password protected portal.

Our mission is to offer timely and accurate services that meet all the needs of our clients. We recognize each service we are asked to provide has its own personality and requirements as does the client requesting same. Therefore, you can depend on A. C. E. to understand your needs and focus on the results you require.

How is A. C. E. Different?

We are always here to assist you. Our customer service department is based in America and each person answering our phones or email speaks English. All A.C.E. employees are equipped to assist you with any questions you have. Each client service representative has a minimum of ten years’ experience and is enthusiastically available to work for you.

Our secure computerized system stores data and information about each case we are asked to handle. As a result of our advanced technology and powerful database you can access your records, copies of affidavits and invoices and other related information any time you want. Rest assured, when you work with A. C. E. Process Services, your files are kept confidential and remain stored and secure for a minimum of seven years.

Many clients ask us, "Where is your office located?" Actually, we have one corporate office in the State of Florida. Our main location handles and manages all of our data systems, client’s services and agents. Our agents, situated throughout the country operate satellite offices on our behalf and are currently operating and traveling in over 90% of all major cities within the United States. 

A. C. E. offers the "Ultimate Skip Trace Service."

What is a skip trace or location service?

Skip tracing is an industry term used to describe the process of locating a Defendant, Witness, Heir. deadbeats or anyone who has not been heard from for an extended period of time.

We also offer support services when you need additional information.

We can,

Confirm Education
Confirm Military
Confirm Place of Employment
Identifiy Mail Forwarding
Address Confirmation
Conduct Due Diligence
Provide Notary Services
Offer sign in Real Time Updates
Conduct Real Estate Research
Provide Complete civil and criminal Background Reports
Time is Money, so expedited services is our best service
Submit State and Court Compliant Documents

Specialized Skip Trace and Location Services involve:
Heir Search
Finding Debtors
Find and Serve a Witness
Find and Serve a Defendant

A.C.E. Skip tracing services are always provided by an experienced and licensed professional. Tracing someone’s whereabouts is a specialized process of locating a person for the sake of communicating, notifying and or suing them. At A. C. E., Inc. skip tracing and location services are handled by a Licensed Private Investigator only.

Skip tracing and location services are creative techniques and include using a wide range of proprietary database services, accessing court records, interviewing people and digging up records from law enforcements, government agencies and other information based locations. Just about all time, skip tracing and location services are handled covertly and are undetected by the person whom we are seeking to find. 

What we do when skip tracing?

Services are performed by identifying and collecting as much information as possible about the person who is the subject of the location services.  The Private Investigator handling the skip trace service creates a file and accumulates as much information as possible the File is closely monitored and assessed so as to create a road map to where the person is most likely to be. Most of the time the subject's past addresses and the most recently known address can be found it the specially created file. However, because most skip trace file contains a wide range of data and information only a trained and experienced Private Process Server and or Private Investigator will be able to discern relevant and useful data to use to find someone.

Since we are here to assist you and are responsible for handling a wide range of services, we must have the experience, capabilities and knowledge to assist you.

We are not only experts at finding people and serving them, we offer much more. After all, our company was founded by a Private Investigator and is currently managed by a Private Investigator (Agency License Number, A9900347) who has extensive experience, connections and knowledge unlike any other service you may consider. However, during the course of providing our services we come across many people who may or may not utilize our services. We teach everyone the same and usually offer advice and insights (never legal advice that is for an Attorney) to people in need of third party assistance.

During the past year and now that we are beginning weeks of 2017, we suggest to all visitors seeking to protect themselves from scams and or unauthorized access of your personal records, of this blog to remember:

1. Never carry a Social Security Card

2. Never carry multiple credit cards

3. Never provide personal information over the telephone

4. Never answer unsolicited email that asks for your personal information

ALWAYS remove US Mail from your mailbox promptly

ALWAYS review statements and bills promptly

ALWAYS shred personal mail and information with a shredder

ALWAYS stop mail delivery if you are on vacation or plan on being away for an extended period of time

ALWAYS make copies of all items in your wallet and keep it with personal papers in a safe place

ALWAYS Shop online with companies who operate with secure websites. Typically, the site you visit will have a "HTTPS" before the www in the domain name. One of our sites is a great example, When you visit a secure site be sure to look for the "S" and you will also find a small lock icon and the word "secure" in your browser or at the bottom corner of the webpage you are on. If the site is NOT secure, beware.

Very Important Advice

Request your credit report annually from all three credit reporting agencies.|

If you are victimized or know someone who was victimized of a financial crime, always report it to local law enforcement and request a copy of the case report as soon as it’s available.

File a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), who we work for as a contractor, at 1-877-438-4336.

Immediately contact your bank and close affected account(s).

Immediately contact your credit card companies and place an alert on each account or consider cancelling each account

Strange Calls from people claiming to be "Nationwide Locators"

Throughout the years we have received dozens of calls from people who apparently were contacted by a company identifying themselves and “Nationwide Locators.” We have been told these creeps call, make threatening statements and leave a telephone number that is either disconnected or goes to a voice mailbox. We are NOT the “Nationwide Locators” company and have no affiliation to or knowledge of who these people are. We are Nationwide Process Servers and offer location services but only under the business name “A. C. E., Inc. In addition, we NEVER make outgoing calls to debtors, witnesses and or defendants.

Our suggestion to anyone who is victim of one or more calls from "Nationwide Locators" is to ignore them. In the alternative, if your caller i.d. and note the telephone number you may want to consider filing a complaint.  Overall, if the company calling you is a debt collector, they are in violation of the law whereby they must properly identify themselves by name, personal and business, and provide you with a name and address as well. If the company calling you is a Process Service claiming they have a summons to serve or deliver to you, ask them for the case number and who the Plaintiff is. Always ask the cause of action or the reason for the lawsuit or if they allege you owe money, obtain the exact amount they claim you owe. ALWAYS ask for something in writing and request they send you a formal letter of introduction and the specific details of the matter they allege you are party to or responsible for.

Some of the more popular terms by used by Process Servers on behalf of the legal system

Witnesses: Are people, businesses or agencies who have been served with a subpoena to appear at a certain time and place or to provide evidence by a certain date.

Evidence: Pictures, images, phone records, text messages, voice messages, documents, medical records, video, weapons, products and things

Hearing: Usually a meeting at the court with a Judge so she/he can decide the timing of a legal proceeding for all parties involved.

Summons: A court issued document, on behalf of a Plaintiff or Petitioner that commands a defendant or respondent to provide an answer or response to the cause of action.

Affidavit of Service: A sworn affidavit from a Process Server who signs her/his affidavit in front of a Notary.

Proof of Service: A sworn statement from a Process Server

Return on Service: A Sworn statement from a Process Server

As we are enjoying our freedom and are about to have a peaceful and democratic transition of power to our new President, Lets all take a moment to thank God we are at peace, have the freedom to pursue our ambitions and to live in beautiful country consisting of many different ethnicities, religions and nationalities. We are all blessed to be “one” and let’s make 2017 the best year ever – together!

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