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Courthouse Courier by State

Courthouse Courier Services are performed in most states throughout America. Most states have many courthouses from the lowest level small claims divisions, to state court and even Federal Courts. Courthouses, all store and save court cases for eternity. When you consider the scope and depth of litigation in the United States, it is the responsibility of the courts to keep records secure and available. Courthouse Courier services in America who cater to the public and Law offices act as the life line between what is needed and that which can be obtained. No matter where you are and where the court is situated a court courier, mostly likely, can obtain case file copies on your behalf.

Courthouse Couriers travel to most addresses on behalf of their clients to conduct research services, document retrieval services and obtain copies of files. The most common service performed by courthouse couriers is to copy case files, scan them and return the file to clients electronically.

Law offices are the most frequent users of courthouse couriers mainly due to distance and the time consuming task of waiting on long lines, unavailability of files and not having the internal resources to handle the task. In many situations the service needed is out if state and therefore a dependable and reputable courier is retained to represent the needs of its clients.

Court Messenegrs and Runners is an outsourced services that allow any Paralegal or Attorney to obtain information from specific area's within the courthouse. Couriers, many of whom are Process Servers and Private Investigators are familiar with Civil and Criminal records research and endeavor looking into into Probate, Surrogate, Marriage and Divorce case files.

Courthouse Couriers are utilized to find liens, judgments and other recorded legal instruments on behalf of inquiring legal minds. Alternatively, Couriers are asked to file and record new lawsuits, subpoena's, judgments, leins, mortgages, quit claims and property title instruments.

Courthouse Courier services are peformed throughout the nation. Most courthouse operations are the same with respect to allowing couriers access to case files and recorded docunents, so no worries. If there is a difference in the procedural aspects of retrieving files and documents, larger courthouses where volume requests are made may vary. Larger and volume courthouses generally work on a first come first serve basis. Therefore, you should expect delays and days before your file will be available for viewing and the retrieval of need copies.