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Process Serving

A.C.E. Inc., Private Process Servers.

We serve legal documents upon defendants, witnesses and adverse parties anywhere in America. We will serve local people, athletes, government officials, moms, dads, grandparents and anyone else. We are disinterested parties who only concern ourselves with proper service of process on behalf of our clients. We are tenacious and consistent. We are the “velvet hammers” of the nationwide process service industry and have twenty years of success you can count on.

We also deliver and serve letters, demands and notifications to anyone and to most locations in the nation. When you want to communicate directly with a debtor, tenant, a slow or no payer and or a delinquent client, we will be at their door to represent your cause and we will be there quickly! You can depend on A.C.E. Professional Process Servers each time and all the time!

We are experts at coordinating nationwide service of process and letter delivery services. When it comes to time sensitive matters we have the ability to be at any address in the Unites States within hours of your request. You can count on A.C.E., to expedite your request and obtain the results you are seeking. In addition to offering professional and fast services we can also handle volume requests. Whether it’s one process request or a hundred "serves," you can count on our staff to handle all your service of process and or letter delivery services!

Our private process serving services are backed up by in house Licensed Private Investigator’s. When there is a difficult to serve defendant or the subject of your matter cannot be found, you can expect one of our investigators to provide you with the best skip trace and locate advice so we can eventually find and serve your important documents. Our licensed private investigators work hand in hand with our process servers and utilize the best court resources, public records, database services and implement good ole fashion private Detective skills to find and serve people anywhere in the United States. Actually, when an A. C. E. Private Investigator is teamed with an A .C. E. Process Server to handle complex situations, we have a 99% success rate!

From New York to Georgia, Florida to Arizona, Utah to Washington and all states in between, A. C. E. private process servers are situated in most counties, cities and towns throughout the nation. When you need service of process of a subpoena, summons or citation or a letter and notification delivered and served in a big city or a small town, you can count on an A.C.E. Professional Process Servers to be at the address of your choice. We will engage the target you directed us to and serve and deliver your papers in accordance with your directives and applicable statutes. When we arrive at the address we will make observations, take notes and approach a defendant, witness, debtor, delinquent, adverse party in an assertive yet courteous manner. Our Process Servers are trained and responsible to assure service will be handled properly, timely and hopefully without incident.

We are fast, efficient and know exactly how to get each service of process properly effectuated. No other Private Process Serving Service offer’s the ease of services, reasonable fees and excellent customer service. No other Process Serving organization has twenty years of professional and dependable processing managers and licensed investigators to assure success!