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We Manage the Largest Network of Pre-Screened Process Servers and Courthouse Couriers in the United States. When it comes to Delivering, Filing, Copying and Process Serving Legal Documents, you couldn't find a better resource than A.C.E. to Depend Upon

Our Process Servers provide a wide range of courthouse courier services, all strategically located and coordinated to assure your needs are met. You can depend on our experience and knowledge to connect you to the best service provider(s). We have been assisting Law Offices, Paralegals, Attorney's, Legal Support Services Companies and Corporate Clients for twenty-five years.

A.C.E. coordinates a proud team of Courthouse Runners, Messengers, Process Servers, Researchers, and Expediters who perform daily courthouse courier and process serving services in most cities in America.

We manage experienced, skillful, and timely courthouse Messengers and process server services in every state. Our diversified experience and dedication to client satisfaction guarantees your request(s) will be expedited by an experienced agent pre-screened by A.C.E., Inc.

Our clients consider our nationwide network of court process servers and courier service agents a vital aspect of their business.

Each agent who connects with you offers the following services: Court Document Delivery Services; Court Process Serving Services; Courthouse Record Retrieval Services; Courthouse Case File Copying; Courthouse Runner Services; and or Courtesy Copy Delivery Services. All agents can obtain docket sheets; conduct research; obtain certified copies; serve summonses, orders, complaints and delivery subpoena's; file important documents with the clerk(s) and scan documents.

Accuracy, On Time Services and Dependability You Can Rely Upon.

We provide direct access to courthouse and process serving agents. We have been depended upon by Attorneys and Paralegals, for decades, especially during time sensitive situations that is why we are the nation's no cost go-to leading referral service for people like you who need lowest fee quotes and dependable services.

Our courthouse couriers and process servers pride themselves on a long history of successful transactions that exceed all expectations. We have the distinct honor of more than twenty five years of managing agents who have experience with the court system. We are proud to have worked for and still work with most of the top seven hundred law firms and at least two hundred of the Fortune two hundred corporations. We are equally proud that most of our business partners are small firms, sole practioners and medium sized companies. Our “fast and accurate” attitude and well connect agents assures you of the best court process service, document management, and courier services in the nation.

Our clients reap the benefits of connecting directly with the actual service agent. Answers to your questions and receiving lowest fee quotes take place via email only. You will receive faster responses and quotes via email than by telephone which we unfortunately do not answer most of the time. However, we do monitor our email ALL of the time. All communications, via email, are followed up on Monday through Friday (EST) 8am - 10pm, within minutes, not hours.