Courthouse Courier and Process Serving Services, Filing, Pick up, Copying and Subpoena Delivery Service.

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Courthouse Couriers Provide Courthouse and Service of Process Services. Experienced Process Servers and Courthouse Couriers Guarantee Services.

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A.C.E. Inc. utilizes its Process Servers for Courthouse Courier Document Retrieval, Delivery, Filing, Copy and Obtaining Court Records

Our Process Servers provide a wide range of courthouse courier services planned and coordinated to assure your needs are met. Depend on A.C.E. court courier and document delivery managers who have been assisting law offices and corporate clients for twenty-five years. A.C.E. consists of a proud team of runners, Process Servers, researchers, and expeditors who perform daily courthouse courier services in most cities in America. We can confirm and brag about how we have provided courier and process serving services in every county and in every state throughout America!

Our document managing agents provide experienced, skillful, and timely courthouse services. Our diversified experiences and dedication to customer satisfaction guarantee that your request(s) will be expedited by an experienced A.C.E team member.

A.C.E. Process Servers and courthouse document couriers handle drop off's, pickups, case retrieval and process serving. Our messengers and runners travel more than one million miles a year. For the past twenty-five years our team of court couriers, runners and messengers accounted for over 975,000 courthouse service requests, handling more than 20 million documents, and coordinated thousands of hours of client services and follow up. Our commitment to providing superior courier services to the legal profession and assuring successful transactions without a complaint or unresolved results.

The long-term success of our courthouse document courier and process service company is predicated upon our ability to pay attention to details, expedite timely service and provide appropriate follow up reports and delivery of your paperwork. All courthouse courier services are handled by responsible people who care and are goal oriented.

Upon finalization of your service, A.C.E. will send back your documents, appropriate paperwork and an invoice for services rendered. All services are prepaid by check, money order or credit card. We accept service requests by email, typical courier and or any mail service. We confirm, follow up and provide our findings by email and mail original documents within 24 hours.

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Courthouse Document Couriers and Process Servers are distinguished from ordinary messenger services by features such as specialization and individualization of services provided for people who have needs at a courthouse or at most related addresses. Our Process Servers and Couriers offer quick turnaround time and work with the clerks at the court to assure their assistance. As an expedited service, our court courier services are usually more expensive than standard messenger services because they involve wait time and, in most situations, at least two visits to the courthouse; one to order the file and the other to obtain the copies you need.

The average time it takes to complete a courthouse courier service is one week. If there is any way to complete your service faster, we will. However, timing and the actual handling of the service request is entirely up to the clerk’s office.

Our clients consider court process and courier services to be a vital aspect of their business needs. Many clients don’t use the word "Courier" but ask for the following services which are all the same: Court Delivery Agents; Court Process Servers; Courthouse Record Retrievers; Courthouse file copiers; Courthouse Couriers; and Courtesy Copy Services.

We provide any type of court process and document delivery services needed and we are fast. We can obtain docket sheets, research files, certified papers, obtain file copies, and scan documents. We file new cases, retrieve old or current case files and offer "clock in services." We can domesticate and issue your out of state subpoena provided you have the required paperwork. We also offer judicial courthouse and law office courier services to all courts and can delivery your letter to a Judge, clerk, or any person at a courthouse. Our courthouse services are handled by licensed professional courthouse experts with years of experience. Check out our other legal resource websites here.

If you are interested in learning more about our court process and document delivery services or are seeking a quote, the best way to get answers is by email only. Court services involve many different aspects such as, but not limited to, your required timing; specific directives about locating docket entries, copying all or partial files, how you need copies returned to you and how payment will be made prior to the confirmation of services. We urge you to email us with the details of your request and needs instead of calling. When you send us your request in writing, we will respond with a quote in writing along with questions we may have to make.

We also have Process Servers who specialize in serving subpoenas to elusive witnesses and defendants. We travel from small town locations to the largest metropolitan areas. We operate in most states, counties, cities and offer process services at all government buildings too. Service Fees start at $95.00 and expenses, if any, for copies and scanning are added to the final service fee. If you elect to have us serve your legal documents or obtain file documents, our office will return proof and documents to you via email. Please add .20 per page for copies and scanning.

Accuracy and Dependability are what A.C.E. Courthouse Courier and Process Servers Offer. We Provide Courthouse Services, Process Serving, and Legal Courthouse Courier Services.

A.C.E. court process serving and document services have been depended upon by Attorneys and Paralegals during time sensitive needs; that is why we are the nation's go-to service provider. We are not a directory and do not pay to be listed on this website or in any other directories. This is our website, and we have no advertisements or slick marketing tactics as others do. You found our website because Google and the other search engines like us as we are credible and honest. We have high rankings because we earned them. We work hard to make our services available to you and hope you consider us. Our website lists all the services we provide and explains why we are your best choice for courier and process services in the nation.

While our local teams of Process Server and Couriers are out running to and from locations, our courier expeditor management team is busy at work too. Our courier and process managers are responsible for overseeing every detail of each service. They will make sure all your needs are met, and timely reporting and accurate paperwork is provided.

Courthouse Document Messenger, Process Serving, Retrieval, Certification, and Delivery Services by A.C.E. Inc. Courthouse Couriers and Case File Retrieval and Document Delivery Services

A. C .E. Inc., is a Court Document Courier and Messenger service company known for expediting courthouse retrieval and document delivery services in most states, many counties, cities and zip code areas throughout the United States.

Our courthouse and process managers pride themselves on a long history of successful transactions that exceed all expectations. We are an experienced courthouse document service vendor for Attorneys and Paralegal professionals seeking assistance with obtaining copies or delivering files to Courthouses. We have the distinct honor of being the “go to” courthouse document messenger company for the top 700 law firms and at least 210 of the Fortune 250 Corporations. Our “fast and accurate” attitude ensures we provide our clients with the best court process service, document management, and courier services.

Courthouse document courier, delivery and case file retrieval agents are available to assist you with your needs and are equipped better than anyone else to accomplish your required results. When you are one of our clients, you will reap the benefits of speaking directly to one of our client service representatives and having your needs met by a team of dedicated employees. A.C.E. answers its own phones and responds to all email. We are here to answer all your questions before you hire us and we pledge to update you after you hire us until the successful finalization of your service. The A.C.E. nationwide team of courthouse couriers and process servers are accessible for inquiries, follow up and any type of communication within minutes.