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The dependable and expedient courthouse Couriers and Process Servers listed here are committed to excellence and success. Each courier and process server listed in our directory brings their expertise, experience, and years of diligent service to ensure your needs are met. Our directory members consist of highly experienced professionals you can depend on for a wide range of services. That's why is trusted and utilized by thousands who rely on our listed members for all their courthouse and process serving needs.

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Whether it's a simple service of process, delivery, pickup, filing service, or a complex situation with multiple requests, our directory members always go above and beyond to exceed our client's expectations. When you choose one of our trusted members, your directives will be handled by skillful couriers or process servers at all times. They take meticulous care with each transaction, knowing that every step is essential to you. Rest assured, we are dedicated to providing exceptional service for your needs.

When it comes to deciding who to hire for your important service, trust the couriers and process servers listed in our directory. Our listed members are part of a nationwide network of local operatives who offer the best customer service and timely communications regarding the status of your service. On-time and proper completion of your service is everyone's top priority.

The Courthouse and Process Serving Services Provided by Listed Agents are Unconditionally Guaranteed

Service providers listed in this directory utilize mobile scanners, email, cell phones, text messaging, video, and copy machines in their vehicles, homes, and offices. They use these tools to increase efficiency, save time, and lower the cost of court services and process serving urgent documents. All courthouse couriers and process servers employ experienced techniques and the tools of their trade to your advantage!

Our Courthouse Couriers and Process Servers Guarantee Their Services

Fast and efficient courthouse delivery, filings, case file retrievals, pick ups and court Process Serving Services are handled by agents in every county in America. Listed below are many of the most popular services our listed agents provide daily.

    Most Common Courthouse Services Performed by Couriers:

  • Case File Retrieval Services
  • Certifying Court Documents
  • Courtesy Copy Deliveries to a Judge or Court Clerk
  • Courthouse Document Deliveries
  • Courthouse Document Pick Ups
  • Document Filing and Recording Service

    Most Common Services Performed by Process Servers:

  • Process Serving and Delivery of a Subpoena for Depositions
  • Process Serving and Delivery of a Subpoena for Records
  • Process Serving and Delivery of a Subpoena for Trials
  • Process Serving Service to Corporations
  • Process Serving Services to Government Offices
  • Process Serving Services to Individuals
  • Process Serving Services to Registered Agents

Couriers and Process Servers, usually one and the same person, provide services within a time frame of your choice and quote their fees accordingly. Timing is a critical aspect of every service request received. So, when you reach out to request a quote please make sure you know your timing requirements. Generally speaking, the faster the timing, the more expensive. However, regardless of your preferred timing, all court and process services are handled promptly and with care.

You name the service you need, they provide it! You say today, they jump. Listed Couriers and Process Servers guarantee to get it right and done fast.

Here are some of your options for timing the service you need.

  • + + + + Standard Services take place within one business week. This is the least expensive timed service
  • + + + Rush Services take place within two to three business days
  • + + Same Day Services may be offered, provided your request is received prior to 10:30 am local time.
  • + Hourly Services may be available

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